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Daliland: Artist as Corrupting Tyrant

New linocut portraits launched 1 Jan.

Watery Terror: Ivan Aivazovsky and the Marine Sublime

Max Beckmann, Ambiguous Prophet

Art critics v. the intellectual artist

Félicien Rops and the Art of Horror

Unica Zürn: Professional or outsider?

Dalí and the Art of Horror

Alfred Kubin and the Art of Horror

Magritte and the Art of Horror

Bienvenue à Magritteland™

Advance: next steps for an art movement

David Jones, Distributism & the Benedictine Option

Exclusive preview of new linocuts

Carlo Mollino, Italian Architect

The Mystery Religion of a New Art

Byzantinism, Darwinism and Leontiev’s “amoral aesthetics”

Knut Hamsun: “Growth of the Soil”

I’m no Old Master, nor are you

Carel Willink, Magic Realist visionary

Damned but invigorated: "Prophets of Doom"

Parallel economies in art

Our Next Steps: Components of an Art Movement

The Art of Beksiński and the Tragic Vision

Georges Bataille, Sacred Transgressor

Girl lithograph

Linocut portraits of authors

Architectural radicalism

Snobbery or hierarchy? On “minor” art forms

Basil Beattie: Seething with Invention

Return to which tradition? Reflections on Niko Pirosmani

History as a battlefield

Are most artists ready “to flip”?

Baudelaire: Scandalous and Impoverished in Belgium

Philip Guston, Dissenting Painter

"Burroughs Unbound"

Goya and the Enlightenment

A masterclass for dissident gallerists

Has this artist solved the problem of modern History painting?

Zdzislaw Beksiński and the Tyranny of Taste

Book exclusive: "Blood, Soil, Paint"

Lizzie Siddal, Pre-Raphaelite muse

Victor Brauner, Romanian Surrealist

Grandmaster of Bad-Taste Art

Further thoughts on Vermeer

Exclusive excerpt from “After Francis Bacon”

Damned by beauty: Evelyn Nesbit

Interviews with Oliver Harris and S.T. Joshi

Was José Ortega y Gasset correct?

Rules for Rhetorical Art

Polar Heroism: 2. Sir Ernest Shackleton: Explorer, Hero, Management Role Model

Polar Heroism: 1. Captain R.F. Scott: National hero or sentimental bungler?

Nietzsche on painting, purity and heroism

"The New Impressionists" or "How to Start a Dissident Art Movement"

Alpha and Omega of Francis Bacon

Nazi plans for Norway, 1940-5