Welcome and thank you for visiting my Substack page. This site will include articles, reviews, comment, art, interviews, links and extracts of forthcoming books/pamphlets. There will be news about speaking events and other appearances.

I am an artist, poet, art critic and cultural commentator. Although to see my art I recommend visiting www.alexanderadams.art there will be a few images of my art appearing on the site. This website will be supplementing (not replacing) my Wordpress page www.alexanderadamsart.wordpress.com.

Some of the content will be reviews of current exhibitions and new books. These books are usually art exhibition catalogues, biographies, art theory, cultural politics and literature. This come from the world’s leading publishers and will keep you up to date on new research and events in the art world, mainly from the Modern and pre-Modern periods, rather than contemporary art.

Paid subscriptions will be made available and those will allow subscribers to read exclusive content, get access to tickets for events sooner and allow purchase of limited-edition books/pamphlets before the general public.

Once again, thank you for your time.


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An informed dissident view of culture and the arts


British artist, art critic and poet; author of "Culture War" (Imprint Academic, 2019), "Iconoclasm" (IA, 2020) and "Artivism" (IA, 2022).