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Interesting responses. I myself have no idea what racism is. Or white supremacy. In my experience, white people are the least "racist" or "sexist" people on the planet. I understand what people like to think of as racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., but, to me, it really means "anti-white male" or "anti-Christian." I get the feeling Harris and Joshi are very cleverly exploiting this tendency by certain whites to bash the "bad" whites, and the horror of being made an outcast. It's almost like a religious war, except rather than fighting for souls we are now concerned with creating Diversitopia, a kind of heaven on earth.

There were earlier manifestations of this phenomena with, among others, the Brethren of the Free Spirit during the later medieval period. The Beghards were "prophetae" who became god-like and used "unbelievably subtle words" to sway the people towards an impersonal One. Beguines were middle class women who financially supported these prophetae. Many were burnt as heretics. They were part of a larger, general dissatisfaction with various inequalities and were desirous for a kind of garden of earthly delights.

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